A golf course in a town named Kodak should be picturesque, and River Islands Golf Club doesn’t disappoint. The “River” is the French Broad, and aside from providing excellent shot-making opportunities and dramatic water views, it must be the source of some pretty bad puns. No, the river isn’t named for Marie Antoinette or Brigitte Bardot (see, I warned you); actually, the term “Broad” in Colonial times was synonymous with “River,” and a French settlement sat astride the ...
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In the foothills of the Tennessee Appalachians, a place I consider to be the Garden of Eden, has some of the most picturesque dairy farms in the world. Lush fields of alfalfa and corn stretch for miles, punctuated by silos, barns, and cows – lots of cows. Driving between two of the state’s oldest towns of Jonesborough and Greeneville, you can become slightly disoriented as you drive through, around, or past one dairy farm after another. The tranquility of the setting is only slightly ...
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